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Everything Starts With Our Passion for Cycling

In 2010, we started working on our first cycling accessory project under the name “GUEE”.  GUEE ( pronounced "gooey" ) is like the cheesy topping on a pizza, a versatile ingredient that completes the flavor, a small but vital part of the experience - quality bicycle accessories complement your cycling style.

These are out milestones:

2010  Project started.

2011  First product “Tadpole” put into market.

2014  COB-X announced as winner of the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i Awards by iF!

2014  SOL300+ auto-light sensor launched.

2015  Silicone bar tape and grips range launched.

2015  World's first  3-in-1 integrated mounting system – G-Mount launched.

2016 INOX Mini-R and Aero-Xe announced as winner of the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i Awards by iF!

2017 Launch of the super-lightweight bar tape and auto motion sensing light

By Riders for Riders

With every product and every idea we aim to deliver convenience to our fellow bicycle riders. Our team has several combined decades of international work experience in mechanical, electronic engineering, and bike design. For our product team, cycling is a passion. GUEE is now synonymous with innovative quality products that integrate seamlessly into the modern cyclist’s lifestyle. Our innovative cycling products are used by triathletes, road racers, mountain bikers, urban cyclists, bike messengers, and commuters alike.


Make GUEE Your Cycling Partner!